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We'll like to thank SAE Institute México for helping us in the development of Yumu´s adventure, our final project of the career and Gonzalo Sánchez Trujillo for and giving the project direction and true feedback.

Yumu's an Axolotl that got drawn into a mystic temple that will lead our pink friend into the heart of the ruins that lie within. Developed by Uriel Flores Solís, Luis Vivanco Garín, Max Cruz Olivares and Amaru Vera. Know Yumu and what destiny has prepared. (IMPORTANT) Should be played with an X-box one controller. 

If played on PC:

  • Move- WASD
  • Interact-Space
  • B-Left click
  • Camera-Mouse

Credits to Scott Buckley. Author of the Main theme.

-->Get to know him, just click the link below and get amazed!


Thanks to Geoff Dallimore for his Real Stars Skybox Asset.

Install instructions

Just extract the files fromthe rar. and get them into a new folder on your PC.


La Aventura de Yumu.rar 42 MB

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